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Don't send the same pitch card to journalists and investors

They are on the same platform, but they are not the same.

One card fits only one audience

Sending an unwanted email is rude; sending the same pitch card to journalists and investors is stupid.

Forgive us for the strong words, but it is what it is: sending the same card to all recipient groups kills your chances to land your pitch with any of those. Pitching to journalists and pitching to VCs are two very different scenarios, each with its own challenges and objectives.

What you pitch to journalists

When you are looking for media coverage, you pitch a story. It can be a news story, a success story, or a story of your struggle against unfavorable odds. A compelling card for reporters answers two questions:

  1. What happened? -- put your answer in the header.

  2. Why should we care? -- tell about it in the card body.

If your "what happened" doesn't happen every day with millions of other people, your story has news potential. Even better if you understand the reporters' interests and unique approach to story angles.

If the reporter is focusing on deals, something like the following will work:

What happened? -- We raised series A.

Why should we care? -- Big names from the VC world are betting on our vision.

Milestones are always a good start, but you can use trends or research data to attract attention to your pitch.

What happened? -- Millennials, as a generation, are ten times poorer than their parents.

Why should we care? -- Generational wealth gap creates social tension.

What you pitch to investors

When you are looking for funding, you pitch a company with the potential to grow big.

In this case, your header should describe your business and the body -- the business opportunity.

What is your business about? -- We created a text-to-video generative algorithm.

What is an investment opportunity? -- We are growing three times M2M and secured contracts with major Hollywood production studios.

Add a stage, an ask, and all important details that show your ability to scale.

What if I send the same card to everyone on the platform?

Please don't. It won't do any good for you, but it will also harm House of Pitch.

Most likely, this card will be moderated out of the system. We try to keep the quality of the pipeline for recipients and reroute pitch cards according to their relevancy. But if your one-to-all card manages to the feeds of all listed journalists and investors, you would get a bunch of No in reply, and we will make a wrong impression.

The effort pays off in full when you create different cards for each audience.


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