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Three ways to instantly improve your writing (ChatGPT not included) people don't hate you when you reach out

The success of your business largely depends on how good you are at writing short formats

Today's audiences consume content in lines and seconds. Tweets, reels, texts, blurbs, and one-liners bring you popularity and followership.

Investors say ten words are enough to understand if they want to invest or pass. Journalists read only a subject line before deleting your cold PR email pitch. Executives decide to buy your services during the first 10 seconds of the phone talk. But most people are profoundly bad at expressing themselves in short formats.

Good news! Writing is a skill that improves fast. Here are three unconventional ways to become a puncher:

1. Read movie loglines

A logline is a one-sentence summary of a TV show, film, or book that states the story's central conflict, explains the story's plot, and provides an emotional "hook" to stimulate interest.

First, it's fun. Then, the loglines of popular titles are written by vetted pros with years of experience and a proven track record. In other words, these loglines made lots of money for their authors. When you get a habit of reading them, you'll understand how to put tons of messages in one line and sound attractive or intriguing.

2. Watch comedy shows

Good jokes are the perfect example of efficient writing. And just watching enough quality comedy shows can sharpen your writer's mind. Good fiction does it, too -- sometimes. But good fiction demands a significant portion of your time. Ten minutes of comedy a day is more available for us who work long hours.

3. Steal your favorite character vibe!

You know what's the problem with writing standard messages is -- they all come up boring, repetitive, annoying, and colorless. How to quickly add flavor to your lines? Steal the demeanor of your favorite fictional character! What would Roman Roy or Don Draper say if he wanted to catch your attention? Use their language tricks in your writing to see if it makes you more meaningful connections.

-- Wait! What about ChatGPT?

Stand by for the next episode of HoP 💚


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