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What happens after you receive a connect message on House of Pitch

An additional tip to our story on how to pitch media.

Though some of our early users call HoP "a magic wand," we strongly encourage you to participate in this magic and not leave everything to a random chance.

What House of Pitch does?

It offers a fast and efficient way to pitch your news, company, idea, or service to professionals you don't know yet. It is designed like a dating app, where you can sort the pitch cards from your feed one after another.

If your pitch looks interesting, press Connect, and look for the Intro email in your inbox.

What happens after the successful connection?

It greatly depends on your further actions. Again, much like with dating apps, you need to rely on your communication skills to move your pitch further to a desirable outcome: a published news story, a meeting with potential investors, or a video call with a customer to be.

If you passively wait for something to happen after the connection, you are killing the chances to build a relationship with the person you connected with. Write a follow-up with more details, suggest a next step, or offer something valuable.

What if a follow-up stays unanswered?

The connection context may be changed or lost, and your correspondence fades. But at least you have a verified contact and a pretext for your next pitch. It's already way more than an unopened cold email in the spam folder.


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