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The Plight of the Inbox: Irrelevant Pitches

Our inboxes are both a blessing and a curse. They are the first thing we check in the morning, sometimes only to see that they are inundated with pitches, many of which might not align with our interests or needs.

The Problem with Irrelevant Pitches

Have you ever received a pitch that seemed so off-base that you wondered how it found its way to you? We know how: if someone knows your email address, they can send you anything they want. Replying, even with a polite decline, opens up a dialogue. Many senders, eager to make a sale or get their foot in the door, seize this opportunity to continue the conversation, trying their utmost to sway your decision. The back-and-forth is draining and time-consuming. That's why you do not respond, right?

Every so often, amidst the clutter, there's a pitch that's not quite right for us but might be perfect for someone we know. However, forwarding that pitch becomes another challenge. There's always the risk that it might become lost in another person's already overflowing inbox, rendering the effort fruitless.

Enter House of Pitch: Streamlining Pitches

House of Pitch offers a refreshing solution to these common dilemmas. Our platform transforms the way we handle cold pitches. Instead of wading through a sea of emails, users can quickly sort pitches with a simple "yes" or "no." Those deemed relevant are directed straight to your inbox.

HoP ensures that pitches are concise and to the point. Each pitch card contains a one-liner and a short description, allowing for quick and efficient perusal. And for those on the sending end, there's a unique advantage: if your pitch is declined, you'll receive a "Not of interest" notification. This means you're not left in the dark, wondering if your pitch was ever seen or considered. It's a system that respects both the sender's effort and the recipient's time.

New Feature Alert: Forwarding Pitches with Ease

Recognizing the potential value in sharing relevant pitches, House of Pitch is excited to introduce our forwarding feature. Now, not only can pitches be easily sorted, but they can also be effortlessly forwarded. And just like the initial pitches, forwarded ones can be sorted with a straightforward "yes" or "no," ensuring the recipient's inbox remains clutter-free.

Wrapping Up

Relevancy is the biggest issue in today's pitch culture, and we are on a mission to improve it with every new feature we introduce. Join the platform and give it a go. Pitch and get pitched on your terms!


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