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Why Pitch Cards Are the New Email

Breaking Free from the Letter Legacy

Remember handwritten letters? Email, for all its digital gloss, hasn't strayed far from its pen-and-paper ancestor. There's the greeting, the intro, maybe a bit of "how's the weather" small talk. It's supposed to be personal. Drop any of these elements, and suddenly, you're in rude territory. But let's be real: this formality feels like unnecessary padding.

Enter the pitch card. It's like it looked at the email, chuckled, and said, "Let's save everyone some time." The beauty of a pitch card lies in its departure from the old-school letter format. No need for "Dear so-and-so" or "Hope you're doing well." It cuts straight to the heart of the matter without the fluff. It's designed that way, so nobody expects the formalities, and nobody thinks you're rude for skipping them.

Why Pitch Cards Are a Breath of Fresh Air

Pitch cards are the minimalist's dream for communication. They're all about getting your message across without the dance of pleasantries.

  • No More Misspelling Names or Copy-Pastes: With pitch cards, you dive right into what you want to say. It's all signal, no noise.

  • Designed for Speed: They're built for quick consumption and quick decisions. Swipe left, swipe right—it's that simple.

  • The End of Email Anxiety: Sending an email and worrying about tone, length, and formality? Pitch cards toss that anxiety out the window. They're the straight shooters of outreach.

10X Time-Saving

Pitch cards acknowledge that both sender and receiver are busy people. By cutting down on the formalities, pitch cards not only make the sender's job easier but also respect the recipient's time.

Wrapping It Up

There's a place for emails with their nods to tradition -- prioritized correspondence. Pitch cards are paving the way for a more streamlined, direct approach to getting your point across to people you don't know yet.

So next time you're gearing up for a cold outreach, ask yourself: Could this be a pitch card moment? Because sometimes, the best way to get noticed is to simply get to the point.


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