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HoP for Journalists and Publishing Houses

Solving one big and one huge problem at the same time

Independent revenue stream for your outlet

We understand the constant pressure on media outlets to increase their revenue. Surprisingly, we have a solution that doesn't involve time-consuming events or sponsorships. If all your writers join HoP and start redirecting cold pitches to the app, you can boost your revenue based on the sheer volume of messages your editorial office receives each year. It's a simple yet effective way to make more money doing the same job.

📩 Your inbox, uncluttered

Both HoP founders came from communications and hold a great deal of respect for writers and reporters. We build HoP, so you have a fast, convenient, and enjoyable way to handle the constant stream of cold PR and news pitches — we know you get hundreds! We are here to make your life easier.

No annoying follow-ups

You can swipe off irrelevant or weak pitches and never get intrusive follow-ups. Connect only over promising stories; your inbox will stay in shape.

HoP learns from your actions to keep your feed relevant

Our AI algorithm, created by Snap’s head of ML, continuously learns from your actions and filters out anything you don't want in your feed. The more pitches you go through, the smarter it gets at delivering news and stories that matter to you.

Share pitch cards with colleagues

Share the card with one click if you know someone who might be a better fit for the pitch.


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