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It follows ... up

Cold outreach can be a nightmare. House of Pitch subverts expectations of the genre and makes it an enjoyable experience

They say Yes

House of Pitch takes pride in our acceptance rate: every fourth pitch card on the platform gets a Yes, which is 25 times higher than industry standards. And while we have no control over what happens after the connect message, we care and want those connections to be successful and lead to published stories, raised funds, or boosted sales. 

Recently, we talked to our users and found out that many of them forget to follow up on the connection message, allowing promising opportunities to fade into oblivion.

Here's how not to miss your lucky chance:

  • Check the performance of your pitch in the Sent Pitches section. Those green "Connected" labels indicate people interested in continuing the conversation. Don't forget to check your email for the connection message from HoP—it might sometimes end up in unexpected folders.

  • Follow up immediately after the connection! Avoid replying to our notification message, as it won't be the most efficient way to make an impact. Instead, extract the email of the recipient and compose a letter with a broader context and more details.

  • Don't hesitate to follow up once more! The connection signifies that your pitch looked promising, giving you the freedom to remind them about your offer gently.

By being proactive in monitoring your pitch's performance and confidently following up, you can ensure that you seize the opportunity to turn a connection into a meaningful collaboration. Remember, the journey doesn't end with acceptance; it begins with the follow-up. Seize the moment, make your connections count, and let your pitch shine bright 💚


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